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YouTube Studio Tour & Camera Setup (Early 2019)

YouTube Studio Tour & Camera Setup (Early 2019)

After creating over 120 videos (actually much more than that – there are plenty that I never published), this week I have to tear down my existing studio because I’m moving.

But before I start packing everything up, I thought I would give a little tour of my existing setup. It has served me well and has evolved over the last 1-1/2 years of creating YouTube content, from simple umbrella lights and one camera to a much more elaborate, but still surprisingly affordable setup consisting of inexpensive Amazon filmmaking gear to used cameras and lenses.

I go through what I use for my A-camera as well as overhead camera, lighting, redundant audio sources, and a few other little hacks that I have to make creating content just a little easier. Oh! And I actually uploaded this to my other channel which I am planning to dedicate a lot more time to this year where I can talk about filmmaking and video production outside of the sports tech goodies over on DesFit.

I have links to all the products mentioned in this video below the video of the tour of the studio as it sits right now. Thanks for watching!

Links to all that filmmaking goodness!

– “A” Camera:
– “A” Camera Lens:
– Overhead Camera:
– Handheld Camera for this video:
– Main Microphone:
– Secondary Audio Recorder:

– Key Light Softbox:
– Cheap Softboxes with CFL heads and bulbs:
– C-Stands:
– Extension Arm for Overhead Cam:

– Octopus electrical extension thingy:
– On/off switch for all lights:
– 6ft Lightning Cable:
– USB Extension Cable:

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