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COROS Fall Firmware Updates – GoPro Camera Control, ANT+ Power Meter Calibration, and more!

COROS Fall Firmware Updates – GoPro Camera Control, ANT+ Power Meter Calibration, and more!

Today COROS rolled out yet another batch of firmware updates for their lineup of sports watches.

GoPro Hero 10/9 Camera Control
Control your GoPro Hero 10 or Hero 9 action camera with their Camera Control function located in the controls menu. Simply long press the back button to bring up the controls menu, turn on your GoPro and search for a new Quik app connection, pair it up, and away you go! This functionality is available on the VERTIX 2, VERTIX 1, Apex Pro, and Pace 2.

Galileo Satellite Support
VERTIX (1), Apex Pro, Pace 2, and original Apex watches all now have Galileo Satellite support to increase location accuracy and availability depending on your region.

Walk Activity Profile
A new Walk activity profile has been added to the VERTIX 2, VERTIX (1), Apex Pro, Pace 2 for both outdoor and indoor walking.

ANT+ Power Meter Calibration
You now have the ability to calibrate your power meter from the Accessories settings on your Pace 2, VERTIX (1), and Apex Pro.

Public Release of Landscape and TOPO mapping for APEX Pro and VERTIX 1
Landscape and topo map functionality comes out of beta and is released for all APEX Pro and VERTIX 1 owners. There are a few limitations to this versus the VERTIX 2 due to internal storage. More details about that can be found here:

Komoot Route Sync
Along with Strava Route integration, your navigation-capable COROS watch (VERTIX 2/1, Apex Pro, Apex) now have the ability to load in routes from Komoot.

Workouts Rest Lap
You can now add distance as a rest option when creating a workout within the app. This allows for rest intervals to be based on distance versus time.

Lower Price and Simplified Packaging for VERTIX 1
COROS have simplified the packaging for the VERTIX 1, eliminating the container ship sized hard case that originally housed the watch to packaging similar to their other watches (excluding the VERTIX 2 which still comes with a hard case, although a slightly smaller container ship sized hard case). Along with that, they’ve reduced the price down to $499. With the new mapping functionality that was just added it’s now a very compelling option at that price range.

Just launch your COROS app, update with the latest firmware, and enjoy!

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